Vector – Design

Vector boats are designed by Petter Håkanson, one of Sweden’s most renowned designers of fast aluminium boats for professional use..
Petter’s designs have had national and international success mainly through Docksta Shipyards export of patrol and combat boats. Experience and expertise in fast water jet propulsion crafts has made Petter to an authority in the industry.
Vector design puts the focus on 3 basic properties: Rough sea capabilities, Helm environment and Boat speed. Preferably the boats should be built in aluminium. Aluminium is maintenance free, strong and light weight.

Rough sea capabilities

We aim to build the best fast transport boats there is, and the key is in our hull design. A comparatively narrow, deep V hull will give its crew a smoother ride. This is why our Vector 23 has a beam of 2m with a 24 degree deadrise.

A full bodied bow provides extra displacement and safety in rough conditions. The topsides are designed to deflect sea spray and keep the crew dry.

Helm environment

Vector design prioritizes the helms position, sitting or standing the working environment is key to experience the boat capabilities. Designed to offer easy access to controls, body support and generous panels for fitting of navigation equipment, the wide steering console, with the helm on the centerline, offers excellent wind cover for driver and navigator.

The optional forward cabin is fitted with a full length V-berth for overnight trips, or as a large dry stowage for day trips

Boat speed

Vector boats are designed for speeds in excess of 50 knots. But what is more interesting is the ability to maintain a high cruising speed also in adverse weather conditions.